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The topic is mined with tripwires attached to a host of uncomfortable thoughts about race, power, sexuality, gender and history. It wasn't that he happened to date Asian women; he wouldn't date anyone else. Colonial officials in India, Japan, Southeast Asia and Algeria readily adopted the local custom of expecting female servants to service them sexually as well as domestically, and Bernstein repeats the story of a British army captain whose window overlooked a school for "half-caste" girls and who, upon seeing one he liked, simply ordered her up for 80 rupees the price included a premium because she was a virgin via the intermediary of his butler. Bernstein a columnist for the International Herald Tribune and former China correspondent for Time magazine negotiates this territory with great delicacy and considerable historical knowledge -- which makes this elegantly written book doubly frustrating, as it's not always clear exactly what he's trying to say. Already a Subscriber? Their very survival was predicated on pleasing men.

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The biggest problem with Bernstein's formula by which Eastern women get more respect from Western men who in turn receive better sex is that, as Bernstein himself admits on more than one occasion, Eastern women didn't enjoy substantially better treatment from Western men until fairly recently. One of those changes was a radical scaling back of the double standard a phrase that, astonishingly enough, Bernstein never even mentions in "The East, the West and Sex"with the result that premarital sex has become a widespread and completely unremarkable activity in America and Europe today. To write about the penchant of certain Western men for Asian women is to invite prurient speculation Bernstein has a Chinese wife, in case you're wondering -- and you know you were as well as incendiary condemnations from several fronts and on several grounds. It depends on a familiar villain -- Christian sexual puritanism in the form of the insistence on monogamous marriage as the only virtuous context for sex. Mueller's report is not an exoneration.

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For all the rhapsodies about silken hair, "surrounding sensuousness," esoteric erotic arts and the ultrafemininity of Asian women, it is this economic imbalance that makes places like Bangkok so magnetic to Western men.

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No American, he astutely points out, would be so incensed if an Asian "bounder" wrote an online diary listing all the Iowan farm girls and Southern belles he seduced, "simply because," Bernstein writes, "there is no particular interest in the topic. A dollar goes much further there, whether you're buying hours of someone's labor at a sweatshop sewing machine or sexual services. Filed to: It depends on a familiar villain -- Christian sexual puritanism in the form of the insistence on monogamous marriage as the only virtuous context for sex. Meanwhile, the Chinese men who denounce them as "worse than prostitutes," indignant at being evaluated according to the sort of superficial criteria they've applied to women for millennia, are undergoing an awakening nearly as rude as the one suffered by that elderly Austrian cuckold in Thailand. Their very survival was predicated on pleasing men. They were treated for the most part as animate commodities, like livestock, to be bought, sold and discarded at will.

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sexy asian women laura miller
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sexy asian women laura miller
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However, some of the Western men Bernstein describes -- the ones who favor Asian women because they consider them less "demanding" than their Western counterparts -- shouldn't let themselves get too comfortable, either. Kinja is in read-only mode. Demands and the expectations that drive them are, like marketplaces, highly subject to change, as ChinaBounder's Chinese rivals have learned to their dismay. Want four more years of this? As he writes several times in "The East, the West and Sex," Western men would discover that Eastern cultures tended to "accept that there would be a certain class of women whose role in the world was to satisfy male sexual desire and that the satisfaction of male sexual desire was natural and moral. Are they able to dictate the conditions of their work, such as insisting on condoms, ruling out certain activities, rejecting certain clients, taking time off?

sexy asian women laura miller
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